Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten FREE DOWNLOAD Songs Of 2010

Hey, cheapskates! Here's an end-of-year list you'll REALLY like! It's my Top Ten Favorite FREE (Safe & Legal, too!) Music Downloads of 2010!

I've posted some video clips so you can preview the songs first. Click on the band & song title to get the free downloads:

1. FREEZEPOP "Doppelganger"
Any music list I'd compile would have Freezepop at the top! Their latest album Imaginary Friends came out mere weeks ago, and it's already taken over my iTunes. My favorite band of all time, and they just happen to be from Boston.

2. CHROMEO "Night By Night"
The best song on Chromeo's Business Casual album.  You can actually download three different versions, but the original is the best.

3. KELE "Everything You Wanted"

I admit it: I discovered Kele because he was looking all cute on the cover of a British gay magazine at Barnes & Noble.... 

I wasn't familiar with his band Bloc Party. This song is from his first solo album, The Boxer. [NOTE: The free download is a remix, which is a little dancier than the original version in the following clip.]

4. BAG RAIDERS VS. SAMMY BANANAS "Fun Punch" (Feat. Carrie Wilds)
Here's the original version of the Bag Raiders song...

...Sammy Bananas added the Carrie Wilds vocals & created a better dance song than any of the crap Katy Perry put out this year! [Sorry, I couldn't find a clip of the actual'll just have to click the link. Trust me, you'll like it!]

The Young Punx is another one of my Favorite Bands That No One Knows About. All twelve songs on their Mashpop & Punkstep album are remixed and mashed up with the likes of Michael Jackson, Oasis, The Pixies, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, N.E.R.D., Suzanne Vega, EMF, Goldfrapp, and (in the clip below), Poison!

6. JANELLE MONAE "Tightrope"
The reason I know of this singer is because my good friend Chantal Ambroise does an awesome version of this song! [NOTE: The free download is a remix of the original version in the clip.]

7. EL PERRO DEL MAR FEAT. ROBYN "Change of Heart" (Robyn's Rakamonie Remix)
I knew I had to include something by Robyn on this list, but none of the amazing songs from her three genius Body Talk EP's are available as free downloads! That's OK, because they're worth every penny. So we'll have to make do with this El Perro Del Mar song that features Robyn...and it's actually quite lovely.

8. BENI & SAM SPARRO "Maximus" (Harvard Bass Remix)
Sam Sparro is another cool singer I discovered this year. The video for his collaboration with Beni is just too cute...and I bet you none of these kids had access to Willow Smith's choreographers.

[NOTE: The free download is for a remix of the song. It's a li'l more 'hardcore'!]

9. TELEPHONED "Off the Hook Mixtape"
This is another Sammy Bananas project. He teams up with singer Maggie Horn to form Telephonedgenerously giving you a whole album–18 tracks!–of fun, dancetastic covers of songs you may have heard before. This is a mixtape I would (seriously!) play at a party. Here's a clip of my favorite, "Pop Champagne":

10. CASEY SPOONER "Faye Dunaway"
One half of the fantastic electroclash group Fischerspooner, Casey Spooner released a solo album, Adult Contemporary, which is a little less electro...and a little less clashy, too, I guess. "Faye Dunaway" is offered up as a free download on his site as a taste test. The song is good...the video is a little disturbing!

So there you have it! Enough new music for you to listen to and enjoy until...well, next week, at least. How much $$$ did I just save you? You're welcome.

Oh, did I miss anything? Any other musical freebies I should be aware of? Let me know! 

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